September 08 2011
Canada’s most insanest, undeadest and rockingest psychobilly horror-punks are back with their latest, greatest album to date...Drunk Not Dead is an unholy collection of mind-bendingly ear-scorching tracks that grab you by the neck, stare straight into your eyes and dare you to fight back. In stores and online October 25th!!!
August 17 2011
The Hippopotamus was directed, filmed and edited by the Planet Smashers' own Scott Russell (drums)...hilarity ensues, Check it out here!
New video from Hellbound Hepcats!
August 02 2011
Check out The Hellbound Hepcats first damn good lookin video for "Only Man" directed by: Alexandre Lacasse! To check it out just click:
New Creepshow video for "Sleep Tight"
July 11 2011
It's finally here! Check the brand new video from The Creepshow "Sleep Tight"!
Directed by David Don't of The Hypnophonics off their latest album "They All Fall Down" it'll eerily leaving you wanting more.
The Creepshow have a massive European tour comin up with a bunch of dates with label mates The Koffin Kats. Be sure to catch em' live if they're in your neck of the world.
Teaser for the new Planet Smashers album.
June 01 2011
This will blow your mind.
New album "Descent Into The Valley Of The Planet Smashers" coming July 12th!
Preorder the new Rude City Riot "Nothin But Time"
May 26 2011
Contagious melodies, smart lyrics, tight grooves, and a wailing horn section keep the dance floor packed and the crowd singing along. With a strong reverence for the mighty ska tradition, and influences ranging from punk to reggae to soul, Rude City Riot is set to make their mark on the international ska community!

CLICK HERE for - Rude City Riot Preorder
The CREEPSHOW with The Hypnophonics on tour!
May 21 2011
I'm gonna let the tour poster do the talking.
Pre-order the new BCASA!
May 11 2011
The BCASA is back with another new joint packed to the balls with twangy garage punk rock goodness. Pre-order that shit right here and be the first on your block to own this raging slab of sonic ear-candy.
BCASA's bodacious new video
April 11 2011
The BCASA have just unleashed their new video "Cowabunga Dude" off their righteous upcoming album "Bateman Begins" set to be released May 24th.
The Planet Smashers are writing a new album!
March 09 2011
Yes it's true! After close to 6 years The Planet Smashers have returned to the studio and are currently recording a new album titled "Descent Into The Valley Of The Planet Smashers" set to be released in June. More info to come!
You can hear a brand new track "The Hippopotamus" that they played live on Musique Plus here:
The Planet Smashers - Hippopotamus - Musique Plus

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