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East End Radicals
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There are a lot of people in this world who will go to great lengths to tell you what you can do and what your can’t do. East End Radicals are not those people. In fact, they are the direct polar opposite of those people. Their new album “Carry On” is a wild, raucous and unapologetic middle finger salute to authority, oppression and the status quo in general.

East End Radicals are a 4-piece punk rock band from Montreal, Quebec. They play the music that they know and love with absolutely no compromise or regret. They write political songs when others don’t want to rock the boat. They write positive songs about the real world that are not based in ridiculous fantasies or empty rhetoric. East End Radicals are a band that are determined, as their album title suggests, to Carry On… regardless of what the naysayers have to say.

You will like East End Radicals if you are someone who:
- Thinks music is more than just mindless entertainment.
- Thinks “punk is dead” is a nonsensical statement.
- Works for a living. - We do to and it ain’t easy.
- Thinks that democracies belong to the people, not corporations
- Expects a band to rock their faces off at a live show.

East End Radicals have shared the stage with great bands like the Planet Smashers, The Creepshow, The Real Mckenzies and The Mahones, among many others and have toured across Canada on their own with notable festival appearance at POP Montreal and Pouzza Fest. Carry On captures the passion, intensity and fury of their phenomenal live show, all wrapped up in this sonically astounding 12 song full length recorded Studio DRX in their hometown of Montreal. Carry On has a distinct classic punk rock flavor for all tastes whether it be fisting pumping anthems like “Call to Arms” and “Carry On”, songs about political corruption like “Firebombs”, Celtic barnstormers like “Shipped Away” or “Last of the Free”, or the quintessential DIY spirit of “Up and Over” and “Where We Stand”.

With the release of Carry On, East End Radicals have but one goal in it’s sights: touring. With their eyes set on conquering North America, Europe and beyond, East End Radicals are definitely coming to your town with the sole purpose of lighting it up with their epic live performances. They don’t get in the van to hit you with their B-game. Lace up your chucks, zip up your leathers and get your bad self out to a show and see for yourself.


Booking Canada/USA: Alex Giguere

Press Contact: Mike Magee

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East End Radicals
Zero Hour
Carry On
East End Radicals
Carry On
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