K-Man and the 45s
K-Man and the 45s
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Call it what you want, we call it a rocking Ska party. Straight out of downtown Montreal, K-Man & the 45s have been bringing an edge to the Canadian ska scene for a few years now. In 2011 the boys brought you their first full length album entitled Got Me Movin' and released their first video and single The Red Guy Always Wins. Then they began playing non-stop. They have now toured most of the country going from one ocean to another, and word has been spreading quickly that when these guys hit the stage people tend to get wild. Is it the rockin vibe these people inject into their ska? Is it the volume and intensity for a ska show that gets them? Is it the sense of urgency they play with? Whatever it is, they tend to rock their ska so hard that people not yet familiar to ska are now getting into the wave. Often heard at a K-Man & the 45s show: "man I didn't even know I liked ska, this rocks"-random rocker in your city

The year is now 2013.The boys just released a new album called K-Man & the 45s present The Ska-mones Vol 1, a ska tribute to The Ramones! How did we get here you may ask? Well during all these shows over the last couple of years there were times when the guys needed to play multiple sets and K-Man who was always a major fan of The Ramones’ song writing thought it would be a great fun way to pay tribute and make another set of music. Not knowing at the time that people would really get into the concept and began asking for recordings of The Ska-mones set....well, never one to disappoint, here it is on cd and coming to your town. K-Man & the 45s present The Ska-mones Vol 1.

K-Man & the 45s have shared the stage around Canada and at festivals with such groups as The Slackers, The Skatalites, Catch 22, The Brains and much much more. They headlined the first ever Montreal ska-fest evening and have played many others. They have headlined shows all across Canada and are prepared for much more.

K-Man & the 45s:
K-Man-Vocals, guitars
Patrick Taylor- Trombone, vocals
Brian "Mac" Smith-Drums, Vocals
Max Lord-Sax

Appelez ça comme vous voulez, nous, nous appelons ça un SKA PARTY ! Directement de Montréal, K-Man & the 45s est un important membre de la scène ska depuis plusieurs années. Ils ont lancé en 2011 leur premier album intitulé Got Me Movin’ ainsi que leur premier vidéoclip pour la chanson The Red Guy Always Win. Ils ont par la suite pris la route et ont joué partout au Canada. Le mot s’est répandu rapidement que dès que ces gars montent sur scène, le public devient fou ! Est-ce que c’est dû au son rock qu’ils injectent dans leur ska ? Est-ce que c’est le volume et l’intensité du groupe qui s’empare de la foule ? Est-ce que c’est le sentiment d’urgence qui dégage du groupe ? Quoi qu’il en soit, le groupe se donne tellement sur scène que même les non-initiés au ska auront la piqûre ! Souvent entendu dans les spectacles de K-Man & the 45s : « wow je ne croyais pas aimer le ska un jour ! »

En 2013, les gars ont lancé un nouvel album intitulé K-Man & the 45s present The Ska-mones Vol 1, un hommage aux Ramones ! Comment cette idée leur est-elle venue ? Et bien comme les gars sont de super fans des Ramones, ils ont souvent offert à leurs fans quelques reprises du légendaire groupe. Devant la réponse plus qu’enthousiaste du public et la demande grandissante, le groupe a décidé d’en faire un album officiel !

K-Man & the 45s ont partagé la scène avec des groupes tels que The Slackers, The Skatalites, Catch 22, The Brains et beaucoup plus ! Ils sont présentement en écriture de leur prochain album qui sortira sous peu !

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• September 10 2016 | Repentigny, QC
• September 15 2016 | Montreal, QC

K-Man & The 45s
K-Man and the 45s
K-Man & The 45s