The Stomp All Stars
The Stomp All Stars
Stomp Records
Every January for 8 years, Stomp Records assembles the all stars from it's roster of incredibly talented ska bands for the STOMP SKA ALL STARS series. This year's line-up includes members past and present of The Planet Smashers, One Night Band, General Rudie, The Expos as well as special guest appearances by Vernon Maytone and Chris Murray playing all the old school trad ska hits you could ever want!

Dave Cooper (Planet Smashers) – bass
Alex Giguère (The Beatdown) – guitar/vocals
Laurent Royal (One Night Band) – organ
Josh Fuhrman (The Kingpins) – saxophone/vocals
Matt Collyer (Planet Smashers) – vocals
Nic Fizzano (The Beatdown) – drums
Jeff Quesnel (Subb) – vocals
J-O Bégin (Planet Smashers) - trombone

Here's a list of all past performers:

Lorraine Muller (Kingpins) – saxophone/vocals
Lyn Taitt – guitar
Tim Doyle (Planet Smashers) – drums
Chris Murray - vocals
Mitch King Kong Girio (Lo & The Magnetics) – bass
Simon Angelil (Gangsters Politics) - guitar
Chris Raz (Kingpins) – guitar
Jon Davis (Gruesomes) - bass
Ronee Nurse (Race) – vocals
Neil Johnson (Planet Smashers) – saxophone
Phil Dixon (General Rudie) – saxophone
Mike Gasselsdorfer (Kingpins) – batteri
Vernon Buckley (The Maytones) - vocals
Bobby Beaton (Gruesomes) - guitar
Dave Adams (JFK and the Conspirators) - vocals
Kurt Ruschiensky (Planet Smashers) - trombone
Daryl Meili (Kingpins) - bass
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