Stomp All Stars
Stomp All Stars
Stomp Records
STOMP ALL-STARS is a Ska/Rocksteady collective from Montreal gathering members of the STOMP Records label. Playing all the old school trad ska hits you could ever want!

Current line up includes:

Dave Cooper (Planet Smashers) – bass
Josh Fuhrman (The Kingpins) – saxophone/vocals
Kristin Daniels (KMan & The 45's) - guitar
Al Fecteaux (Planet Smashers) - saxaphone
Patrick Taylor (Planet Smashers) - trombone
Steve Dumas (One Night Band) - drums

Past line ups and or guest stars include:

Alex Giguère (The Beatdown) – guitar/vocals
Laurent Royal (One Night Band) – organ
Matt Collyer (Planet Smashers) – vocals
Nic Fizzano (The Beatdown) – drums
Jeff Quesnel (Subb) – vocals
J-O Bégin (Planet Smashers) - trombone
Lorraine Muller (Kingpins) – saxophone/vocals
Tim Doyle (Planet Smashers) – drums
Lyn Taitt – guitar
Chris Murray - vocals
Mitch King Kong Girio (Lo & The Magnetics) – bass
Simon Angelil (Gangsters Politics) - guitar
Chris Raz (Kingpins) – guitar
Jon Davis (Gruesomes) - bass
Ronee Nurse (Race) – vocals
Neil Johnson (Planet Smashers) – saxophone
Phil Dixon (General Rudie) – saxophone
Mike Gasselsdorfer (Kingpins) – batteri
Vernon Buckley (The Maytones) - vocals
Bobby Beaton (Gruesomes) - guitar
Dave Adams (JFK and the Conspirators) - vocals
Kurt Ruschiensky (Planet Smashers) - trombone
Daryl Meili (Kingpins) - bass
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