Flashlight Brown
Flashlight Brown
Union 2112 Records
Blue - 2006 (produced by Dave Bassett and mixed by Dave Holman) draws as much from The Clash and The English Beat as it does from Nirvana and the Beatles. The eleven new tracks tell the classic human story about life, love and laughter, and how all three will ultimately gang up to take a giant shit on you.

With a songwriting team made up of an ex-role playing club president (Matt Hughes) and a former English-as-a-second-language student (Fil Bucchino), Flashlight knows that there's a lot more to underdog slacker anthems than rich suburbanites bitching about the first girl that broke their precious little heart. This is self-deprecating satire of the highest order, whether detailing depression with a caustic wit, or, as in leadoff track "That's My Problem", singing about hangovers from rock' n' roll decadence with "chicks on crack rocking out to Nickelback"
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Blue (Canada Only)
Flashlight Brown
Blue (Canada Only)
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