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The Hypnophonics have been shaking up Montreal's local music scene for over two years now and have managed to turn many a head with their high energy live shows and intense stage antics. A combination of Angus' psychotic howling vocals, David Don't's twangy overdriven guitar, Charly's hypnotic thumping upright bass lines and Starbucks primal drum beats give the Hypnophonics a truly signature sound. Combining elements of Garage, early '80's Psychobilly and '77 Punk rock, reviewers have had a hard time classifying the band under one particular genre, having been compared to everything from the Seeds, T.S.O.L., the Cramps, the Dwarves, the Kinks and the Dead Kennedys to name a few. But this sits just fine with the band. At first glance, many people would assume the Hypnophonics are a straight forward Psychobilly band, with song titles such as Invasion, Children of the Atom and Scream combined with a look complete with greasy pompadours, upright bass and paper 3-D glasses give some people the impression that this band should not be taken seriously. But more often than not, these impressions changing after viewing a live performance where most would say the band leans a little heavier on their Garage/Punk influences with such songs as Dead Meat, Romance with a Rapist, Fucked Up, Maybe it's You and It's Alright. It is often made clear by the band that they have become very bored with what modern Psychobilly has become, plagued by all the tongue in cheek horror cliches and devoid of anything truly psychotic. they have vowed never to play any poppy, sugar coated songs about "Zombies who ride around the graveyard all night in their '57 Cadillacs looking for their undead girlfriends before they end up in a switchblade rumble with a gang of Vampires..."

Since the Hypnophonics first live show in July of 2007, they have played many shows in and around Quebec, Ontario and New York and have shared the stage with such bands as Danko Jones, Maximum RnR, The Creepshow, The Quakes, the Gutter Demons, the Brains, Electric Frankenstein, Koffin Kats and the Treblemakers to name a few.

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