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Motel Raphaël is a young indie-folk-pop band from Montreal, led by Clara Legault, Emily Skahan and Maya Malkin. Since their inception in 2012, this seven piece outfit has risen through the ranks of Montreal’s burgeoning indie scene at an astronomical pace. Headlining performances at POP Montreal, CMW, Fringe Fest, M for Montreal alongside ranking in CBC Music’s national Searchlight competition have garnered them comparisons to Tegan and Sara, Feist, Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons as well as unabashedly glowing praise from the press community. Their harmonies are haunting, their lyrics honest, and the delivery of their performances are wrought with a heart-melting sincerity that will warm the coldest soul.

Motel Raphaël’s debut full-length Cable TV is a soaring tale of heartbreak, longing and redemption delivered with a songwriting maturity that far exceeds the fact that the band members are all still in their early twenties. With their eyes set firmly on the horizon, Motel Raphaël are poised to become the band to watch in 2015.

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Motel Raphaël est un groupe folk-­‐pop-­‐indie montréalais composé de sept musiciens avec, comme figures de proue, Clara Legault, Emily Skahan et Maya Malkin. Formé en 2012, le groupe a acquis une notoriété certaine autant sur la scène locale que nationale, ayant notammentreprésentéleur ville lors du concours Searchlight , organisé par la radio de CBC . Représenter le ‘’Montreal sound’’ a été un honneur, le groupe adorant Montréal et étant fier de faire partie intégrante de sa riche mosaïque culturelle. Les sept musiciens ont participé par la suite à plusieurs festivals dont Pop Montréal, le Festival St-­‐ Ambroise Fringe de Montréal, M pour Montreal ainsi qu’au Canadian Music Week. Ils ont également joué à Toronto, Ottawa et New-­‐York.
Motel Raphaël lancera son premier album Cable TV le 13 juin prochain. Ce premier effort musical portera sur les amours déchues, la nostalgie et la déception qui en découlent, puis de leur renaissance, le tout à travers une plume mature, ce qui pourrait étonner pour des auteurs-­‐compositeurs-­‐interprètes âgés d’à peine 20 ans. Leurs harmonies sont envoûtantes, leurs paroles, honnêtes et leurs prestations musicales, d’une réelle sincérité sur scène. Motel Raphaël sera sans contredit LE groupe à surveiller en 2014.

“Motel Raphaēl are the most exciting band to come out of Montreal since Arcade Fire.” - GQ Magazine UK

"These sweethearts embody what it means to be from Montreal, not only because they are a group of strong, idol-worthy women, but because they represent the city in such a distinct way. The way they layer their voices to make them more than just mere harmonies, but three distinct voices, says something about the uniqueness of this Montreal cultural hub, showcasing all the their differences while highlighting how well they all mesh together.” Vice Magazine / Noisey

"...while Cable TV has all the usual trappings of a highly orchestrated pop album (the string-skipping guitar duels and clap-heavy rhythm of "Ghosts," the twinkling twee instrumentation of "The Things You Should Have Said"), what sets the recordings apart from more achromatic albums is the band's use of technicolour melodies (album opener "Rooftop at Romolo's") and vivid storytelling ("London," "Young"), which a press release notes emphasizes "a songwriting maturity that far exceeds the fact that the band members are all still in their early twenties.” - EXCLAIM!

“Elles nous offrent une pop romantique, brodée d’harmonies vocals et de reflexions feminines” – Elle QC

“There’s a tangible note of nostalgia that wends its way through much of the writing, amplified by Skahan, Malkin and Legault’s thrilling and often chilling three-­‐part harmonies. It’s especially evident on propulsive pop songs like the clever and compelling Ghosts, the rootsy, cool London and the relentlessly ear-­‐wormy new The Things You Should Have Said. ” – Montreal Gazette (cover story)

“Montreal’s Motel Raphaël is a band that’s reaching for the stars at the speed of light.” – Open Til Midnight

"Ghosts itself is immediately catchy, with an addictive chorus, flawless harmonies and seriously fantastic vocals that will capture your heart immediately.” – Indecent Xposure

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Management: ULG Management - Mike Magee

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